Vivid Games S.A. | Lace up your boots and grab your gloves, Real Boxing™ punches its way to PC!


Vivid Games S.A. | Lace up your boots and grab your gloves, Real Boxing™ punches its way to PC!

Vivid Games is bringing the most exhilarating, no holds barred boxing experience to Steam.

London, 03.07.2014: Vivid Games has announced today that Real Boxing™ – the award-winning and critically-acclaimed boxing title – has been released on the digital distribution platform Steam, letting millions of boxing-hungry PC-gamers enter the ring.

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Real Boxing allows players to create their own boxer and train him via different mini-games to compete in a comprehensive career mode. With three belt titles to conquer over the course of 30 challenging battles, players will face more than 20 unique opponents with an adaptive fighting style – all this making bouts ripe with excitement, whether played on a keyboard or a controller.

Offering a deep and satisfying multiplayer mode, Real Boxing provides hundreds of hours more gameplay. Players from all over the globe can compete with each other in real-time, climbing the Steam Leaderboards to become World Champion, or duke it out with friends locally on a single screen in their own prizefight.

Real Boxing harnesses the power of the Unreal Engine to deliver an impressive audio-visual experience. The immersive on-the-ring atmosphere and motion-captured animations from real boxers will make you feel every hook, jab and uppercut.

Rising through the ranks, players will unlock new equipment, customized clothing, hairstyles, tattoos and more, as well as Steam exclusive content including Steam Achievements and Ring Girl Trading Cards.

To celebrate the game’s release, Vivid Games will be launching a month-long Real Boxing tournament on Steam starting today. Players will have the chance to win Real Boxing merchandise, high-quality gamepads and more for placing high on the game’s Steam Leaderboard.

Real Boxing can be purchased on Steam for $9.99 / €8.99 / £6.99, with a 20% discount available all throughout the launch week. For more information regarding the game visit the game’s official website:

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